Dutch Sausage Rolls

Dutch Sausage Rolls

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Dutch Sausage Rolls (Saucijzenbroodjes) – spiced meat rolled in puff pastry, a delicious appetizer or snack, perfect for the holiday season or anytime.

Dutch Sausage Rolls

One of my favorites Dutch treats are sausage rolls or Saucijzenbroodjes as they are called in Dutch. They are readily available in bakeries in The Netherlands, but not here in the United States. Luckily they are easy to make at home.

Dutch Sausage Rolls

Despite the name, Dutch Sausage Rolls do not contain sausage. Rather they are made with a seasoned ground beef mixture, similar to what is used to make meatballs. The mixture is shaped into logs that resemble sausages, and rolled in puff pastry.

There are many recipes for Dutch Sausage Rolls. This recipe is from my Dutch husband who was born and raised in Holland, and it is our family’s favorite.

Dutch Sausage Rolls

We love to have these sausage rolls as a snack, eaten cuddled up on the couch watching movies. They are also a great appetizer or finger food for parties.

Leftovers, if there are any, keep well in the refrigerator and reheat nicely in the toaster oven, perfect for an easy lunch.

Dutch Sausage Rolls (Saucijzenbroodjes) – spiced meat rolled in puff pastry, a delicious appetizer or snack, perfect for the holiday season or anytime.


  1. Hi! I am surprised to see I haven’t left a response on this post until now. I found your recipe a couple of years ago, my husband was also born and raised in The Netherlands, and I was searching for something to give him the “taste of home” so to speak. I surprised him with these Saucizenbroodje one day and I tell you, I couldn’t believe how happy it made him. He was impressed with how much it tastes like “the ones back home”, so now it’s been a staple in our household and a frequent request of his. So thank you for this recipe that is so close to the real deal. I look forward to trying some of your other dishes. Dank je wel!

  2. Hi anneke so you like those hollandse sausages kan je nog hollands praten zeg if you go back to see your fam in holland go to the Hema store for lekkere sausage broodtjes than take that home lekker eeten iam robert Berg in arizona daag tot zientjes

  3. Hello Joy, these sausage rolls look delicious and I am sure they perfect for the party I will have this Sunday. Can you please tell me the size of puff pastry sheets you are using? Or the weight? Thank you.

    • Hi Mihaela, please see the Notes section on the recipe card, I use Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets. A 17.3 oz (1.1 lb) box contains 2 sheets. You will need 2 (17.3 oz) boxes to make this entire recipe (32 rolls). Hope you enjoy them!

  4. I made a batch of these for supper, and my family loved them. My husband said they weren’t sweet enough for him, and he dipped them in honey. We all tried it, and it was even more amazing than the first bite. ? Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I’ll definitely be making it again.

    • Hi Brittany, Yes, the meat is raw when you place it in the puff pastry, it will cook in the oven. Hope you give the recipe a try and enjoy!

  5. I bake in a 400 degree F oven for 20 minutes. Lower the heat to 350 degrees and bake for a further 5 minutes. Turns out perfect.

  6. OMG! Chinese New Year dinner was a big success! Your recipe was the favorite of the whole meal! Thank you thank you thank you! I am going to be making this recipe at least once every other month because we love it that much. Although I will not be making it for the whole family. I was so exhausted after fixing all of this that I decided next time I will make it for just me, my son and my granddaughter. I made the sausage logs and she rolled them in the pastry and did the egg wash. She loved helping. At 8 years old she’s already a great chef. Or sous chef in this case. She was the biggest fan of your recipe. Again thank you so much Joy for giving me such a delicious dish.

  7. I have another question. I saw that you can make these a couple days in advance and refrigerate them and reheat them in the oven. Should I use the same temperature from the cooking time to reheat them and just keep them in there for a shorter amount of time? Or should I lower the temperature and reheat them for a longer period time? I just thought of something else as well. I have to tell you that I tire very easily. Just the thought of making this all at once is tiring me out. Do you think the meat mixture could be made the day before I want to bake these? I could make it in a big bowl that has a lid and put it in the refrigerator overnight or if I have to, cover it with plastic wrap. I just want to make this as easy as possible because I am going to be making this just a few days away from Chinese New Year and I have so much to do on that day already that I don’t want to be too tired to do it. Any ideas you have to help me do that would be wonderful. I’m still going to make this regardless of how I end up doing it but like I said I am trying to make it easier on myself. Hey Joy, would you like to be my sous chef? LOL.

    • Hi Sherry, I’d suggest reheating at a lower temperature, about 325°F, for about 30 minutes or until heated through. You could certainly make the meat mixture the day before and store it in the refrigerator in a bowl with a lid or covered in plastic wrap. You could even shape the meat mixture into the sausage shapes the day before, if you like, and keep the logs on a plate covered in the refrigerator overnight. Good luck, hope it all goes well!

      • Thank you so much for the advice Joy. Especially for the idea of making the logs in advance. I only thought about making the mixture in advance. Now we’re waiting to have our Chinese New Year dinner on that Sunday not on the actual Chinese New Year because that is also my granddaughters birthday on that Friday the 16th and we are unable to have a party until Sunday. We are going to combine them. So Friday I will make the mixture and form the logs. Saturday I will assemble and bake. Then sunday all I have to do is reheat. My granddaughter will be helping me with all of this for this recipe. Everything else will be done and just have to be reheated, fried, or whatever the deal may be. She loves to cook. So this will be another recipe to add to her repertoire. Thank you for that. We are creating a cookbook with recipes that we have made together. She is 7 and can make Chicken Milanese. I looked up how to say this dish’s name in Dutch and let her hear it too. She pronounces it just as good if not even better than me. Thanks again.

  8. I just want to thank you for this recipe, I made them last night and they are a wow the flavor is phenomenal from such a simple recipe but the key is Quality ingredients, the only adjustment I made is I added parsley, this one is definitely a keeper, thanks again, joe.

  9. Hello Joy. My name is Sherry. I am planning and around my Heritage Globe dinner for Chinese New Year. I have seven different nationalities Chinese being one and I am also Dutch. Your recipe sounds delicious. I do however have a question. Do you have to use panko bread crumbs or can you use a seasoned generic breadcrumb? I always have seasoned bread crumbs in my house. Panko is too expensive for me to buy. I figure having the herbs in their couldn’t hurt flavor-wise. Or should I buy plain bread crumbs? Chinese New Year is February 16th this year. I’m looking to make a bunch of dishes ahead of time and freeze them. I hope to hear from you in enough time so I can have these made in advance as well. Once I’ve made them I will come back and let you know how they turned out.

    • Hi Sherry, sounds like you will have a very nice dinner for Chinese New Year! In response to your question, yes, you can use seasoned bread crumbs. The taste may be slightly different but it will work fine. Hope you give it a try and enjoy!

      • Thanks for getting back to me Joy. I can’t wait to make and try these. I love things wrapped in puff pastry. I also love things that seem simple to fix. I think this disabled woman has taken on too much for my around my nationality globe Chinese New Year dinner. It will definitely be different if I can pull it off. Thanks again.

        • I was born and raised in Holland michigan,we call those pig in the blankets back there.and the meat is a mixture of ground pork and ground beef and they are delish!

          • Me, too, Chris (born in 1961)! Wonder if we know each other? I love “pigs,” and where I live now can’t find them. It’s more effort to make them than I’ve wanted to expend in recent years so when I visit family in Holland I buy them frozen to bring home.

          • I was born and raised in Holland, MI and still live here. My grandma made fresh pig in the blankets every weekend except she uses combo of pork and beef and used Rusk as the binder instead of Panko crumbs. Delish!

    • Hi Elise, thanks for stopping by! I’ve never tried freezing them, but I don’t see why you couldn’t. I’d suggest letting them cool down after baking, then freeze them in a freezer safe container or zippered bag. Then reheat in the oven at about 325-350 ° F. Hope you give it a try and enjoy!

  10. My grandmother made these, but a little differently. She used freshly ground pork, seasoned it with nutmeg and cinnamon, and rolled it in bread dough, not puff pastry. She lined them up in a pan, touching, not spaced, and baked. We loved them!

    • Hi Loey,

      Your grandmother’s version, with the bread dough, sounds amazing, I will have to give it at try! Thanks for stopping by!

    • That is the recipe I think my mom used. She made them with 1/2pork and 1/3 hamburger and rolled them in dough. Do you have this recipe? I never knew the spices. Thanks hope you have the recipe.
      I am going to try this recipe as well using the pastery sheets. Thanks for giving me this recipe I will let you know once I make it.

    • Hi Loey, would please give me your grandmothers recipe for pigs in the blanket rolled in dough. It sounds like my mom’s recipe which I have been looking for. Thank you

  11. I learned to love these in Indonesia (former Dutch colony) and am trying them today. Baking temperature wasn’t included in the recipe. Could you please update to include that? Thanks.

  12. These look fabulous. They are just like I remember my Mother making. I’m planning to make them for Christmas Eve this year. Thanks for sharing them at the Let’s get Real link party.

    • Thanks Hadia! They are so easy to make, hope you give the a try and enjoy! Thanks for visiting, I’m headed over to your site now, can’t wait to check out your recipes, I love Lebanese food!

    • Thanks Dini! Hope you give them a try and enjoy! Your featured appetizers at #Foodie Fridays look delicious, I’m on my way over to your site to check them out and get the recipes! 🙂

  13. These sound SO good, Joy! My husband would love them! I’m going to pin this recipe and see about making them for New Year’s Eve. 🙂

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! Returning the love. 🙂

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